Do you want to hunt Wild boar in one of the densest areas with wild boar, at a good price?

We have comfortable hunting tower where it is regularly timed feed. There you sit and watch and often get the chance to experience the thrill when you see, hear and possibly also shoot a wild boar.

We only receive guests once a month. This in order to maintain a good quality, when wild boars are sensitive to disturbances, all too often. You live in a cozy timber house with most facilities. The number of guests is maximized to a maximum of 6 people. If you want references from guests who have been here, I would like to convej this with you.

Interesting ….. for more information and prices contact us!

Göran Larsson tel. +46 494 400 22 mobile +46 705 68 23 23
Do you want to send e-mail goran.salvarp@gmail.com or via contact form