Hunting tower
Hunting tower

Some information about the hunt, equipment, rules, etc.

All feeding places are equipped with green field lighting.
The hunter can adjust the brightness using the remote control.

When watching wild boar at night, we recommend a good quality riflescope with great light emitting. In addition, the directionals should be clear even in low light. Illuminated targeting is of course an advantage.
The hunt is pursued after dusk and until it gets light.

Sow with little cultures
Sow with little piglets

All male bear and females during 50 kilograms and piglets over 20 kilograms may be postponed.

Best hunting times are:

  • Winter time, crescent moon and full moon with snow on the ground. Summer time, June – August.
  • The largest boar shot in Tidersrum (December 2000) had a carcass weight of 210 kg, ie about 400 kilograms live weight. At Salvarp, a number of animals weighing over 125 kilos live weight.
  • The great boar usually come alone, while the adolescents usually come in groups of 2-8 animals.
  • Lonely animals are usually completely silent, while groups of animals are heard quite long before they arrive.
  • Wild boar has many different sounds, but what’s most heard is when they fight or play.
  • Its eyesight is bad, the hearing good and the sense of smell completely unbelievable.
  • Some wild boar hunters and other “scientists” claims that the sow gets a litter of piglets a year and that they are born in early March. This is a clear mistake. We have seen and gone on sows of newborn piglets during the twelve months of the year. The sow is sexually nature at 9 months of age.